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First Line Leadership – First Class Petty Officers are fully engaged Deckplate Leaders who drive mission accomplishment daily.  They lead adherence to the Navy Standard through personal example and commitment to teaching their Sailors.  They must challenge, mentor, and measure their division’s and command’s success through team performance and deckplate results.

Rating Expertise – First Class Petty Officers are developing experts who learn from their Chief and train their Division.  They demand consistent procedural compliance and accuracy from themselves and those they lead.

Professionalism – First Class Petty Officers are the Navy’s first line professionals who execute the right things at the right time for the right reasons.

Communication – First Class Petty Officers clearly communicate standards to the Sailors they lead, while consistently keeping the chain of command informed.  The deckplate triad of Division Officer, CPO, and First Class Petty Officer is only effective with their input and deckplate perspective.

Loyalty – First Class Petty Officers are visibly loyal to the command, Sailors, peers and themselves.  They utilize opportunities to provide feedback and actively support guidance.  They create circumstances which give their Sailors the opportunity to succeed.

Heritage – First Class Petty Officers are proud of our shared history.  They take opportunities to weave it into daily events, so our Sailors understand that a commitment to excellence is a time-honored tradition that connects our past while forging the foundation of our future.